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How often should I wash my car?
Try to wash your car once a week to minimize those constant damaging contaminants such as industrial fallout, acid rain, bird and insect droppings, tree sap etc. damaging your paintwork.

I wash my car regularly but the paintwork doesn't feel smooth?
Washing your car regularly will only remove the soil you can see, that rough film you can feel on your paintwork is a combination of oxidization and those damaging contaminants bonding to your paintwork.

What is oxidization?
Oxidization is when the UV rays of the Sun deteriorate unprotected paintwork causing it to fade and become thin and chalky looking over time.

How do I protect my car from all those damaging contaminants and oxidization?
You would have to leave your car under a cover and locked away in a garage, alternatively, prevention with a regular maintenance program of washing, polishing and protecting the paintwork with a barrier coat of either a wax or polymer sealant is the only solution.

What is the difference between a Polish and a Wax or Polymer Sealant?
Polish will remove light oxidization and very fine scratches while enhancing the gloss of the paint but not leaving any protection. This should always be followed with either a Wax, which is a natural product, or a Polymer Sealant, which is a man made product usually produced from a Silicon or Teflon base, to protect the shine and finish of the paint.

How often should I wax my car?
You should apply a wax polymer sealant every 2-4 months, depending on the circumstances, this will maintain the barrier coat to repel those contaminants and oxidization.

My car is new and the dealer put a Lifetime Paint Protection on it.
New car paintwork is virtually flawless with a brilliant shine but it comes without any paint protection from the manufacturer so it to is exposed to all those damaging contaminants and oxidization from day one. Remember all types of paint protection will eventually wear down and have to be reapplied to maintain that barrier coat, so be careful with their lifetime promise and read the fine print carefully in your warranty agreement you will find that a lot of those damaging contaminants are excluded from the lifetime warranty over.

My car has faded (oxidization) paint, is it to late to protect it?
It is never to late, first the top layer of oxidized paint has to be removed with cutting compound then the new paint can polish and protected. It will look like a new car again!

I have big scratch on my car, can it be removed?
Generally, if you can feel the groove of the scratch with your fingernail it is probably too deep and will not buff out, but it can be disguised with paint stick.